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Canning in a kitchen is one thing, but canning off-grid with no power or running water is a whole new challenge for the modern day prepare.  Whether you're homesteading, or preparing for a worst case scenario, you need to understand how to preserve your food so you can consume it at a later date.

This video will guide you through everything you need to know how to safely prepare and can your food, even when there is no power, and you find yourself truly off-grid. 

Join The Survival Summit as they team up with Duck Life and the Bayou Gunners to walk you though their way of life; Harvesting ducks from the sky, and surviving off of the land by regularly eating squirrel and raccoon. More importantly, they show you how to have fun during the process, so you can be mentally and physically prepared to survive and thrive during The Greater Depression.

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It's been said that if you know how to survive the high desert, you can survive just about anywhere. That’s precisely why The Survival Summit teamed up with expert, Kirsten Rechnitz, to produce her 3-Disc Series; Survival HD, How To Survive The Harsh Environments of the High Desert & Low Mountains.

This 3 disc series is our most ambitious yet with a total of 5 Hours of survival bushcraft knowledge. 

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Join Jack Richland, a US Marine Veteran and CEO of Black Scout Survival as he teaches critical Escape and Evasion skills and techniques to turn you into his personal student, and gives you the up-close and critical details with crystal clear instructions, to turn you into a captor’s worst nightmare.

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Disaster strikes when we least expect it and communication is a resource we rely on for support and survival. Learn how to be prepared for any disaster, from local to international. This DVD will give you the tools to get you started in amateur radio.  

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Tech will fail, either in everyday life or in an emergency. This film will get you up to speed on how to effectively navigate your way to safety with nothing more than a compass and a map. If you need more, this film has it from finding where you are, primitive compass techniques, hiding caches, and more...

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Sigma 3 Survival School's founder, Rob Allen, guides you through the finest details of the most required Survival Skills.

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Disaster can strike anytime. Financial collapse, pandemics, loss of the electric grid, and more could cause a complete societal collapse. From the mind of best-selling author Jonathan Hollerman as he suggests gear and techniques to help you in a bug out situation.

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This is such a great skill to have the virtually every one of David's Hand's On Classes are Sold Out at the Preparedness Expos that Amp-3 attends. This should be a must in everyone's Preparedness.

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If you’re concerned about the threat of a possible EMP attack from another nation, or the threat of a Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun, and how to best survive the disturbances to our electrical grid that either event would cause, then Home EMProvement is for you!

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